RTVE presents the new line of research of new foods of Ctic Cita

RTVE presents Ctic Cita's new line of new food research.

RTVE, in its eagerness to communicate to society and to companies all that may be of interest, has presented the new food research project developed by Ctic Cita. The foods created from this research are aimed at older people with very specific intake and chewing conditions and whose nutritional needs are very precise.

These novel foods have been developed through the use of so-called 'texture agents' which are food components with natural properties whose texture makes them easily digestible.

The challenge of the BIOTECHNOLOGY OF FOODS project, and of the food industry in general, is the elaboration of foods that are low processed, with reduced fat content, attractive, and pleasant taste and texture, but of high quality.

With these types of projects Ctic Cita puts its research at the disposal of SMEs to facilitate the implementation of innovation processes and that companies can provide solutions to the market demands, thus being more competitive and profitable.

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