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CTIC-CITA participates in the research of ecological alternatives to chemical disinfectants.

11.10.2017 | Category: Technology and New Materials, New Products and Ingredients, Food Safety, Consumption and Health

The 'Plasformers' research project seeks ecological alternatives to chemical disinfectants.

Together with the University of La Rioja and the Rioja Health Foundation, the Agro-Food Technology Center, CTIC-CITA, collaborates in the 'Plasform for Food and Medical Research' project, whose objective is to achieve a greener and more efficient alternative to the use of chemical disinfectants. To do this, we will investigate the use of atmospheric plasma technology for bacterial disinfection in the fields of food and health.

The research is focused on the use of this technology as an alternative to chemical disinfectants (limited by current legislation) for the disinfection of plant raw materials. Plasma application is also sought to avoid the formation of biofilm (population of microorganisms attached to a surface) and the persistence of pathogenic bacteria that cause infectious diseases.

The coordination of the project's research in the Center for Agro-Food Technology, CTIC-CITA, will be carried out by Laura Navarro León, responsible for R & D projects in the line of quality and food safety.
The scientific team is led by the researcher of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of La Rioja, Fernando Alba Elías. On behalf of the Rioja Salud Foundation, Yolanda Sáenz Domínguez, principal investigator of the Molecular Microbiology Unit, participates as coordinator of the research at the Biomedical Research Center of La Rioja (CIBIR).

The three entities work in the validation of cold plasma technology in the fields of food and health, which would allow the development of industrial prototypes and their approach to the market.

The 'Plasformers' project has a global budget of 373.457,79 euros financed by the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER) and the European Funds for Regional Development (ERDF).

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