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CHAMPIHEALTH, a project to reduce losses in mushroom cultivation.

21.07.2017 | Categoría: I + D + i

EUROCHAMP and the food technology centers CTIC-CITA and CTICH have formed an operational group on innovation and agricultural sustainability that will focus its activity on avoiding losses in mushroom cultivation through the development of new cultivation methods.

The aim of this working group is to carry out the CHAMPIHEALTH project, which aims to develop new mushroom control and cultivation methods to reduce diseases caused by 'mole' and 'hair' fungi and thus reduce losses in cultivation of the mushroom of La Rioja. In addition, these new farming systems will be focused on optimizing product quality, both fresh and for further processing.

The development of this new system of mushroom cultivation to obtain a higher yield arises from the need to reduce the current economic losses caused by the diseases produced by the mole and hair mushrooms. With this new system, it is estimated that the benefit, only by saving to avoid losses for a higher yield, would reach more than 8 million euros per year in La Rioja and 20 millions nationally.

This project, which will be developed over 2 years, and is in the initial phase, has been promoted thanks to the collaboration of each of the entities that form the operational group. EUROCHAMP will lead the development of the project and will work in cooperation with the technology centers CTICH and CTIC CITA.

EUROCHAMP will design and coordinate the development of new farming methods according to the needs of its members, since as an Agrarian Transformation Society it groups 90% of mushroom growers in La Rioja. CTICH (Association of Professional Producers of Substrates and Fungi of La Rioja, Navarre and Aragon) will carry out different small-scale trials of the new cultivation methods that will later be used on a commercial scale in EUROCHAMP. CTIC CITA (Technological Food Center) will focus its work on the technical evaluation of the quality of the mushroom by analyzing different physical and chemical parameters, fundamental in assessing the suitability of the final product that will later come to market fresh, as well as the one destined to canned production.

With initiatives such as the CHAMPIHEALTH project, CTIC-CITA encourages competitive improvement of the sector and cooperative projects so that Rioja companies, with the participation of research centers, can face new challenges with ease and guarantee results.

The formation of the operational group that will develop the CHAMPIHEALTH project has been co-financed by FEADER, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment and Government of La Rioja. The objectives of the project are in line with those of the European Agricultural Partnership for Agricultural Innovation (EIP-AGRI), which focus on facilitating the exchange of experiences and best practices in the sector by promoting agricultural production more economically viable, sustainable and respectful of the environment.

'European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas'.

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