Bonus Formation

Experts in subsidized training for companies and active workers.

Approved as Training Center for Employment with registration number 85548.

Do you know that you have a minimum credit of 420 euros for the training of your workers?

About Us accredited entity before the Tripartite Foundation and the European Social Fund for Training in Employment, an essential requirement to participate in subsidized training. We manage the credit that every company has for the continuous training of its workers.

We inform you of the amount for training that corresponds to your company, you advise on training needs, we offer a detailed budget of the courses of your choice, we take all the steps, we carry out the training and we give you the bonus.

Get in touch with us and take advantage of the credits for the formation of the Tripartite Foundation. 941 36 92 63 Ext 21

subsidized Training

This credit is subsidized in the Social Security contributions, so that the cost of training can be deduct in the payment of Social Security. Thus, your company can take courses totally free.

If you are not going to do any training during this exercise, you have the possibility to accumulate this credit for the next two years, but it is necessary that you request the reservation of the credit. We help you do it.

To whom?

Continuing Education is directed to the workers of the company. Its purpose is to improve the professional training and maintain the competences, both professional and personal, updated. In turn, the competitiveness and productivity of the company itself increases.

Bonus credit amount

The amount of training given to each company is depending on your workforce and is set taking into account the amount entered by the company for vocational training during the previous year, by applying to that amount a percentage of bonuses that is fixed in the Law of General State Budgets for each year.

In any case, it's guaranteed that, even if they employ only one worker, a minimum credit of 420?. From there the companies have a greater amount depending on the average workforce that has had the previous year.

More simple, impossible

Como we are organizing entity of training actions, registered in the Official Register, we take care of all the management bureaucratic, preparation and forwarding of accurate information, as well as official communications with the Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment, at no cost to your company.

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