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Investigación aplicada

Investigación Aplicada

The main activity of CTIC-CITA is applied food research. Mainly, applied research projects are carried out by contract with food companies and ingredients, always under strict confidentiality conditions.

On the other hand, the own R & D projects, financed by competitive public calls, allow CTIC-CITA to gain experience at the forefront of scientific discovery in certain strategic areas. Subsequently, these scientific findings can be applied to the benefit of the food industry.

Three examples of this type of project are the PROJECT NECTARINE, "Active packaging of nectarines in IV gamma"; he FRESHFILM PROJECT, "New active recyclable packaging with natural antioxidising for the extension of the fresh food shelf live" y el VALUE PROJECT, "Exchange and technology transfer on waste recovery of the vegetable processing industry in the SUDOE region".

CTIC-CITA also assists in the processing and development of its R & D & I initiatives through an integrated service that includes:

  • Collaboration in the processing of R & D aid and proposals.
  • Support in the tax relief of R + D + i projects.
  • Support in the implementation of R & D & I management systems.
  • The exploitation of R + D + i results.

If you want more information you can contact us directly:
- By phone: + 34 941 36 92 63 (Project Management Area)



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