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R & D lines

R & D lines

Our experience is developed within the following lines of work:

Optimization of analytical techniques

Microbiological and instrumental

Microbiological and instrumental quality control

Definition of new quality parameters

Sensory quality
  • Evaluation and improvement of organoleptic quality.
  • Tasting panels. Physico-chemical evaluation of food. Life studies
Food and health

Development of healthier foods (low fat, low in salt, ...)

New ingredients and additives

Application of ingredients of natural origin.

Product innovation and new formats

IV-V range. Extruded

Thermal Treatments

Optimization of TT, studies of heat penetration.


Modeling and simulation of processes.

Optimization of equipment and processes

Improvement and optimization of industrial processes and equipment.

Active and intelligent packaging

Application of active and intelligent packaging in the product.

Food preservation processes.
  • Maturation and drying. Fermentation.
  • Antioxidant and antimicrobial treatments, etc.
Valorization of by-products
Minimization of spills
energy savings
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