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SOSTAGUA project: efficient use of water in the meat industry

The Association for the Research of the La Rioja Meat Industry (ASICAR), in collaboration with the Biodiversity Foundation, has launched a pilot project to design audits to reduce and improve water use.

Meatcoat: looking for an edible coating for meat

Edible, antimicrobial, light and functional. They are the basic characteristics of the new coating for meat that the European project Meatcoat aims to achieve.


Members of the promoter consortium

Can you imagine a container for fresh meat capable of determining its quality and the useful life of the product at any time? It is what the Toxdtect Project aims to achieve. It will be achieved through an array of sensors and an external reader that incorporates an "intelligent" decision system.

Lignocellulose, the main component of the cell wall of plants, can be a source of XOS (Xylo-oligasaccharides) compounds, which stimulate the growth of bacteria beneficial to the intestinal flora, and Xylitol, a possible substitute for sugar with low caloric indexes. Obtaining these compounds from vegetable wastes and incorporating them into various functional foods is the aim of the European Lignofood project.

The use of high-powered ultrasound to soften beef is the key to the European project Ultratender, in which the Technological Center of the Meat Industry of La Rioja (CTIC) participates. The objective is to develop a method that saves time and costs in the processing of fresh meat and allows to evaluate its quality depending on how tender it is.



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