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History and objectives


El Technological Center of the Meat Industry (CTIC), located in Alesón, began its journey in 2001 year with the management association ASICAR, with the initial objective of boosting the development of the meat sector and providing answers to its technological, training and technical assistance needs.

El Center for Innovation and Food Technology (CITA), located in Calahorra and managed by the association AIDIA, is launched in April of 2007 expanding its orientation towards the sector hortofrutícola and its specialization in IV and V Range. Currently, CTIC-CITA is developing projects for companies throughout the agri-food sector.

In 2014, the two centers are united and form what today is known as CTIC-CITA (CENTRAL BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY FOOD) making available to the food sector a multidisciplinary and qualified team consisting of food technologists, agronomists, veterinarians, chemists, biologists, law graduates and graduates in business management and management, as well as infrastructures (analysis laboratories, kitchen industrial, pilot plants for processing and packaging of meat and vegetable products) and services that meet the needs of the food sector.

CTIC-CITA, as a research and technological development center, has significant experience in the management and development of projects at the regional, national and European level.

AIDISA has integrated the ASICAR and AIDIA associations, of which the Technological Center for the Meat Industry (CTIC) and the Center for Innovation and Food Technology (CITA) depended. Both are registered as Agents of the Riojan System of Innovation and have the recognition of the Center for National Technological Innovation.


The companies achieve their survival day by day, offering quality products and services where the speed to reach and satisfy the market is a critical factor. For this reason, the fundamental objective of its managers is the solution of a set of problems that cover the complete spectrum of the productive world, from the management of personnel and the financial aspects to the possible problems of production and technology, through to commercial management.

The aim of the Centers is to offer concrete solutions to some of these problems, being aware of the reality of the business world.

The CTIC-CITA Technology Centers have set as a common objective and guiding guide of all their activities, to increase the development and competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

To achieve this, CTIC-CITA have the following specific objectives:

  • Promote research, development and innovation in the sector.
  • Increase quality and safety in production and processes.
  • Facilitate the training and specialization of workers.
  • Advise the agro-food sector, providing the necessary technical and analytical assistance.
  • Contribute to forming networks of collaboration and cooperation, defending the common interests of the agri-food sector.






To innovate it is necessary to change the ways of thinking and acting since otherwise we will be expecting different results but will continue to do the same. Innovation must always go hand in hand with the cooperation and, above all, the creativity.

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